French question words

French question words

French question words

French question words

French question words

Here are some common French question words that are used to ask questions:

  1. Qui – who
  2. Quoi/Que – what
  3. Où – where
  4. Quand – when
  5. Pourquoi – why
  6. Comment – how
  7. Combien – how much/how many
  8. Lequel/laquelle/lesquels/lesquelles – which one/ones
  9. À qui – to whom
  10. De qui – from whom

Où est la gare?

These question words are used to form questions in French. For example, “Qui est-ce?” means “Who is it?” and “Où est la gare?” means “Where is the train station?”.

It’s important to note that the word order in French questions is different from that in English questions. In French, the question word usually comes first in the sentence, followed by the verb and then the subject. For example, “Où habites-tu?” means “Where do you live?” with the question word “où” coming first, followed by the verb “habiter” and then the subject “tu.”

Learning and practicing these common French question words can help you communicate more effectively in French and ask questions in a clear and concise manner.

Voici quelques exemples de mots interrogatifs en français :

  • Qui (Who) : Qui est-ce ? (Who is it?)
  • Quoi (What) : Quoi de neuf ? (What’s up?)
  • Où (Where) : Où habites-tu ? (Where do you live?)
  • Quand (When) : Quand est-ce que tu arrives ? (When are you arriving?)
  • Pourquoi (Why) : Pourquoi es-tu en retard ? (Why are you late?)
  • Comment (How) : Comment ça marche ? (How does it work?)
  • Combien (How much/many) : Combien ça coûte ? (How much does it cost?)
  • Que (What) : Que veux-tu dire ? (What do you mean?)
  • Lequel/laquelle/lesquels/lesquelles (Which) : Lequel choisis-tu ? (Which one do you choose?)

Note: The above examples show the standard word order in French interrogative sentences, which is to invert the subject and the verb. However, in informal spoken French, it is common to use a rising intonation at the end of the sentence to indicate a question, without necessarily inverting the subject and the verb.

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